Sloshy Pops



Sloshy Pops trailblazer Cheryl Lisowski grew up in small-town Pennsylvania, earning her BFA in metals and jewelry while waiting tables at a five-star restaurant in Philadelphia. In 2004, she moved to Portland, Oregon, where she’s been a high-end service industry fixture ever since. Big on traveling, gardening, baking, and music. Cheryl has a serious sweet tooth and a taste for quality cocktails. Cheryl's favorite sloshy The Hurricane Pop.


Hailing from Eugene, Oregon, Chef Carl Forsman moved to New York in 2000 to learn the culinary ropes. Beginning as a line cook at various restaurants across the city, Carl later started a successful catering company, which he ran for five years before returning to Oregon in 2006. Carl spends his free time cooking, traveling, listening to and playing rock n' roll, and outdated media formats (think 45s and VHS). Carl’s favorite Sloshy Pop is Heirloom Orange Ginsicle.


Portland, 2015: On an especially hot summer evening, with no relief in sight, Cheryl hit on the idea of boozy popsicles and headed straight for the kitchen. Her first two pops -- peach bourbon basil and salted watermelon -- surpassed her tastiest expectations, and she knew her good friend Carl would be interested. With his trusty Vitamix, a brand-new juicer, and a healthy appetite for tinkering in the kitchen, Carl was the ultimate popsicle accomplice, and Sloshy Pops was born.


With over 25 years’ combined experience working in fine dining establishments on both coasts,  we strive to provide a popsicle that is unparalleled in flavor, quality, and freshness. Learn more about our product on the Pops page, and thank you for your interest in Sloshy Pops!


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