Sloshy Pops



Sloshy Pops trailblazer Cheryl Lisowski grew up in small-town Pennsylvania, earning her BFA in metals and jewelry while waiting tables at a five-star restaurant in Philadelphia. In 2004, she moved to Portland, Oregon, where she’s been a high-end service industry fixture ever since. Big on traveling, gardening, baking, and music. Cheryl has a serious sweet tooth and a taste for quality cocktails. Cheryl's favorite sloshy is the Pineapple Susie. 


Portland, 2015: On an especially hot summer evening, with no relief in sight, Cheryl hit on the idea of boozy popsicles and headed straight for the kitchen. Her first two pops -- peach bourbon basil and salted watermelon -- surpassed her tastiest expectations, and she knew her good friend Carl would be interested. With his trusty Vitamix, a brand-new juicer, and a healthy appetite for tinkering in the kitchen, Carl was the ultimate popsicle accomplice, and Sloshy Pops was born.


We strive to provide a popsicle that is unparalleled in flavor, quality, and freshness. Learn more about our product on the Pops page, and thank you for your interest in Sloshy Pops!


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