Sloshy Pops

Price list

*When you order a 100 Sloshy Pops or more receive a 15% discount. For orders over 150 a 20% discount will be applied.

$5 per Sloshy Pop

$3.50 per Non Alcoholic Pop

Option 1. Hosted cart (includes server, cart and menu board)

$50 per hour for hosted Popsicle Push-Cart or PopCycle. (2 hour minimum)

Option 2. Delivery services

$40 delivery and pickup (Portland)

Coolers will be packed with dry ice delivered to you and picked up the next day. Each pop will be labeled with flavor and ingredients. Dry ice will last for up to 24 hours. Delivery outside of Portland can be arranged for an additional charge.

Option 3. Pick up


You can pick up an order of Sloshy Pops at our commissary kitchen located on 55th and Se Foster Road. Times must be arranged in advance. You will need to provide a cooler that fits as many pops as you order. Dry ice is needed for transport and we are happy to purchase and pack the dry ice up for you.

$20 for dry ice per 50 pops (needed for delivery, pickup, and PopCycle)

$2 per mile to travel outside of Portland

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